*20 years later*

  • Daughter: Hey mom, I like this band-
  • Me: omg I'm so sorry.
  • Daughter: Sorry?
  • Me: I'll call the teachers.
  • Daughter: Why are y-
  • Me: To let them know your grades will be dropping.
  • Daughter: Why will-
  • Me: I'm afraid it's all downhill from there.
  • Daughter: What are you talking ab-
  • Me: You might as well say goodbye to your friends.
  • Daughter: But I-
  • Me: Want me to help you with your blog?
  • Daughter: I don't have a-
  • Me: You will.
  • Daughter: But-
  • Me: Shh, it's already done. There's no turning back.


"Thanks to every single one of you." "THANK YOU CHICAGO!" "You guys are the biggest fans in the world and thank you for making us the biggest boy band in the world" "YOU GUYS ARE SO WONDERFUL!" "YOU GUYS ARE FANTASTIC.!" "SUCH BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE.!"


Boys. Please stop thanking us. We should be the ones thanking you. Thank you for making is feel beautiful since day one. Thank you for 4 years. Thank you for making us laugh and thank you for making us smile. You guys are the ones that are beautiful, fantastic and wonderful. Thank you for making us happy. Thank you for loving everyone of us. And thank you for being our boys. I couldn’t be more happier to call you guys that. Thank you for everything.